How to Warm Up an Email Account Before Sending Cold Emails

Nurul Islam Anik
September 17, 2021

Emailing is one of the helpful tools for professional communication. Furthermore, it has multiple uses to promote your business or your products. But, you will find it difficult to reach the recipients especially if your email account is new and you do not perform email warm up. Thus, your emails might go to the spam folder, and the receivers lose their interest to read them.

There is a solution to send emails directly to the recipients’ inbox for the new domain users. You need to warm up your new email account with a tool or a service. Furthermore, you can warm up your email account manually which takes more time than using a tool.

However, we will show you the detailed process of Email Warm Up in this article. Here, you will find the secrets of automatic and manual email warming up. That will help you to develop a productive business, and build your brand reputation.

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What Is Email Warm Up?

The email warm up process is a way to gradually increase your sending volume for good reputation-building. You can have an IP address that's been sent and received messages regularly, or it could be at another stage depending on how often you use the account as well as when it was registered/created.

Email warming is a necessary process to reach out and connect with new contacts. Sending emails under an unfamiliar address, starting small but gradually increasing the number of messages sent per day will help establish your credibility as well as increase sender limits for future messages without fail!

In order to establish themselves online properly, people need at least 100 contacts on file; this can take anywhere between weeks (for newbies) all way into months depending upon how often these potential leads reply back.

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Why Email Warm Up is Essential for Cold Marketing?

To establish trust on a new email account, you need to warm up your domain. Besides, warming up the email account helps to build the authenticity of your emails. Otherwise, your email may go into the junk folder, and the recipients will not get your future emails.

You can use an automatic warm-up tool for warm up purposes. What Warmbase does is, takes your email address and sends email from that account to the emails that are stored in the database automatically. And replies to those emails just like e human. By sending and receiving emails within the database ensures Google after a certain amount of time that your email address is authentic.

And after warming up, your email domain is ready to reach your target recipients inbox. By reaching to recipients inbox Warmbase increases your sender reputation.

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Why is Spam-Free Cold Emailing Important?

Cold emailing is the process of promoting your business and creating business opportunities. Furthermore, it is one of the essential ways to save your brand reputation. Including business purposes, there are many needs to send cold emails.

So, cold emailing is important to reach the recipients to tell them something about what they need. If the recipients do not receive the emails in their inbox, they will not know your purposes.

When you are a new email account user, you will face problems sending emails to the recipients’ inboxes. Most of the time, the email goes to the junk and reports as spam to the receivers. Thus, you need to send spam-free emails to the recipients to send meaningful information authentically.

How much Time do I Need to Warm Up Emails?

The new email account needs a different duration to warm up according to the host of the domain. Few email accounts take more than seven days. On the other hand, most of the email accounts take four weeks to warm up.

If you want to warm up your emails within a quick time, you need to send emails authentically. Moreover, you should choose a reliable source to have an email account. Including this, you have to create and send meaningful information to send the recipients.

People like the content that helps them to solve their problems. Besides, they want to share the email information that helps them to find their desired products or services. Also, you can maintain a schedule when you are going to warm up your email account manually.

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How To Warm Up An Email Account Before Sending Emails?

First of all, you need to create an authentic email account with an authentic domain. So, try to purchase your email domain from reputed service providers. Remember, adding your name before your company name increases the influence on the recipients.

If you want to use a free account such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, set up the information accurately. Include accurate information with your name and date of birth. Moreover, meaningful content is more effective than other things in manual warming up.

There is another way to warm up your email accounts before sending emails. Thus, you need to purchase an email warming tool from a service provider. Using tools is a handy choice to warm up your emails within a quick time. But, make sure that your service provider is using real accounts, not fake.

The Ways Of Email Warm Up Before Sending An Email

There are two ways to warm up your email, automatic and manual. Both processes are handy to warm up a new email IP address. But the manual process of warming up is a little bit slower than the automatic process. Let’s have a look at both methods in detail below.

1. Manual Email Warm Up

The manual warming up for emails is an easy process but not the best to save your time. Also, you will not like the manual way when you know about the warming up tools. But, you can save your money with the manual warming up if you have less budget for promotional activities.

In the process of manual warming up, you need to open an authentic email account first. Then you can write an email draft to send it one by one. You can send the emails to your friends and ask them to read the texts. This is how you can warm up your email domain without any tools.

2. Automatic Email Warm Up

An email campaign is the most effective way to establish your brand reputation. But, you need to save the time to send emails to multiple people at a time. Thus, the automatic method of warming up emails has been popular in recent days of online marketing.

To send automatic warm-up emails, you need to use an email warm up tool. By using the tool, you can establish your email authenticity. And, you can protect your emails from going to the spam box. Furthermore, you can save your time by sending multiple emails at a time to different countries.

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What Is More To Know About Manual IP Warming?

Manually email warming is also a handy process but takes too much time to reach success. In this process, you must have a friend network to whom you can send your emails. After sending the emails from your new account, you need to ask your friends to read the mail. Then, your friend needs to reply to your email to reach engagement. This process needs to be done in at least 30 days.

To build a fruitful warm-up for your email domain, you have to follow a few things. The issues are simple, but you should follow them to get organic warming for your domain.


The content quality of the email is one of the essential issues for manual warm-up. You do not need too long content to send emails to your friends. You have to take bright steps to make the content meaningful. Try to write the content about something that people like to share.


Opening a new email helps to gather authentic information from the users. Thus, you have to add the original data in your email that helps to increase engagement. Whatever you are a businessman or other professionals, provide your real information. Add your real name with your actual date of birth and location.


Proper planning for sending emails plays a vital role in getting organic engagement. You have to remember that only sending emails is not enough for manual Email Warm Up. Getting a quick reply is equally important when you are not using any paid tools.

The scheduling for sending emails may vary according to the sender and receiver. But, we will show you a basic guideline for a new email account. Here the weekly schedule looks like for the initial stage:

  1. 1st Week: After opening a new email, you can send ten to twenty emails in a day. By following these numbers, you can send up to 140 emails in a week. But, do not send too many emails in the first week.
  2. 2nd Week: After passing the first week, you can target 250+ emails for the second week. That means twenty to forty emails will be all right to send in the second week.
  3. 3rd Week: In the third week, you will like to send forty to eighty emails in a single day. So, the total number of emails for the third week is around 550 to reach the desired warming result.
  4. 4th Week: In the fourth week, you may increase the volume by more than 100 emails. During this time, you will start getting the result of warming up your email address.

Always remember, only sending emails can not provide the desired result. You must need at least 25 percent of replied emails with positive responses. Getting one reply is far better than sending thousands of emails without getting any reply.

Disadvantage Of Manual Email Warm Up

Manual email warm got some disadvantages that need to be considered and cannot be overlooked.

  1. Manual email warm is very time-consuming which can not be ignored.
  2. You need to read the received emails and reply back .
  3. You need to wait for a reply.
  4. You need to write authentic content or replyable messages.
  5. You need a group of people or a big friend circle.
  6. You cannot write such words that will drive your email to the spam folder or junk or promotional tab.
  7. Every week you need increase the number of emails to 100’s which is frustrating.

So, instead of taking so many troubles, better switch on to auto email warm up tool and let the service provider do the job for you without any trouble and hassle.

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Why Choose Warmbase Email Warm Up Tool?

Nowadays, various service providers in the online industry provide email warming services. Few of them can make your new email domain authentic within a short time. Warmbase is one of the effective tools for warming up your new email account.

Warmbase warms up your email within 14 days. Besides, the service is user friendly and available at less price increasing brand reputation. You can recover your damaged reputation by moving junk emails to the inbox also. If you are still wondering why choose Warmbase over other tools then here are the reasons.


Most of the time, you can not trust online service providers due to their inauthenticity. But Warmbase is an exception with its authentic service to thousands of people in different countries. Also, the tool uses reliable email addresses to read your emails and reply automatically.


You can easily connect Warmbase to any of your email service provider. You can connect Gmail, Zoho mail, Yahoo, and Outlook etc. accounts to get quick service from Warmbase. Furthermore, you can send up to 50 emails per day with multiple warm-up options.


Customer support is an essential need for those who are using such email warm up services. If you are facing a problem sending spam-free emails for your business promotion and searching for an instant solution or suggestion, then Warmbase got your back. It provides 24 hours support a week to its customers.

Easy Setup

The setup process in Warmbase is simple as logging in to a Gmail or other accounts. You can sign up with your Google account or Yahoo account. Once you’re in, you are ready to go.

Regain Damaged Reputation

While warming up your emails, if your domain drops to spam or junk folder, Warmbase recovers that and moves to inbox. This ensures your email is warmed up completely, and after the warm up you are ready to reach out to your audience with confidence.


The cost to get the service is less than other email warming services. Furthermore, you will get 50 emails per day with multiple options for warming up emails. Also, you will get 24/7 customer service without any costs.

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Email warm up is an essential process to enhance your brand reputation. If you want an automatic tool for warming up, make sure your service provider uses real accounts. Otherwise, you will not be able to boost up your domain. Also, you can purchase your domain from a reliable company to send spam-free messages.

Warming email up helps to develop the value to the recipients. So, try to send meaningful content to the recipients and avoid sending multiple links in your email. Also, include fewer media like images or videos to reach as an authentic sender to the recipients.

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