How To Warm Up Email Domain - Steps You Need To Follow

Nurul Islam Anik
September 27, 2021

Increasing domain reputation is an essential task for those who want to promote their business through email. Without warming up a new email account, the receivers may get the email as spam. Thus, you have to warm up your email domain to establish successful marketing communications. By following the content, you will know how to warm up an email domain to increase the brand reputation.

Besides, we will show you two types of email warming up and the necessity of warming up emails. So, stay with us for a while to know the secrets of successful email marketing.

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How to warm up Email Domain - Two ways

When you are a salesperson or a service provider, you need to promote your product or services. To reach the targeted recipients of your business, emailing is one of the most effective ways. You can develop your sales volume through emailing too.

But, you can not achieve success in the initial stage when your email account is new. You have to warm up your new email domain to avoid the spam box of the recipients. After a successful warming up, your email domain will be ready to send emails.

To warm up the new email domain, you may contact the email warm-up service providers. Or, you can warm up your email account with a manual process.

Also, there are many email warming-up tools available to make your email domain authentic. But, you need to choose a trustworthy source to get the warming up service for the email domain. The Warmbase is one of the trusted email warm-up services providers whom you can trust to gain a brand reputation.

In the next part of this blog, we will discuss two procedures of email domain warming up.


A. Manual Email Domain Warming Up

The manual warming up is a fruitful way for a new email account with less cost. But, this process is too lengthy to establish your new domain as a trustworthy source. If you have enough time, you can warm up your email domain manually.

The concept of manual email warming up is simple to develop your email reputation. You have to be a human with the original information that will reflect on your email account. So, you have to follow the steps below to establish your email domain for better engagement.

1. Create an account with original information

First of all, you should provide original information for manual domain warming. When you start filling the email registration form, use your real name. Adding your address, date of birth, and a photo is also helpful to warm up emails manually.

2. Maintain a friend list

First, manage a long list of your friends’ email accounts, then start emailing them. After that, call them to respond to your email as early as possible. In this way, the algorithm of your email starts engaging with the different authentic domains.

3. Open an account from a renowned source

You can open an email account from Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or any other domain provider. But, make sure that the domain service provider is a well-reputed organization. Otherwise, you will face several difficulties developing trust with the recipients manually.

4. Develop meaningful content

An email receiver always likes to have a meaningful message in the mailbox. If your email does not carry meaningful information, the recipients will not read and reply to it. Besides, a short and simple subject is the game-changer for manual email warming up. So, identify your audience and send emails to them who are relevant to your business.

5. Avoid too many email attachments

Never send many web links with your email to reach the recipients’ inbox. Besides, try to attach fewer resolution images and gif files to your emails. Additionally, avoid videos or the video links on the attachment for cold emailing with a new account.

6. Make a Plan

A well-planned schedule for emailing with a new account can be a much more productive way of warming up. So make a plan to send the number of emails to send in a day to in a month. For the first week, you can send 10 to 20 emails in a day. Gradually you can increase the number of emails and send 80 to 100 emails per day in the fourth week.


B. Automatic Email Domain Warming Up

Automatic warming up is a way that helps to increase email reputation in the mailbox. When you send emails from a new account, the recipients can not get them to their inbox. The email may go to the junk box, and the recipients think you are a spammer.

Recipients lose interest in reading emails when they find messages in their spam box. Then they do not want to read your email and reply. To establish your email domain as an authentic one, warm-up tools like Warmbase send emails to your inbox.

The best part of automated tools is you don’t need to know how to warm up an email domain. All you need to do is provide the data Warmbase needs and you are good to go.

After sending emails from real domains, Warmbase replies automatically like a human. In this way, an automatic tool establishes the authenticity of your email domain within a short time. Let’s have a look at how to use Warmbase step by step.

Step 1: Creating business email

First of all, you need to create an email account from an authentic source. We recommend Google Workspace for creating business emails. You can also use Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook accounts for warming up your email domain.

Step 2: Signing up on Warmbase

Now signing up on After signing up, you need to purchase the service as per the instructions on the website.

The Warmbase provides flexible plans of the price for the business enhancement. You will get up to 50 emails per day with multiple warm-up options.

Step 3: Setup

After that, you will find a pop-up window to connect your email inbox. Here, you can use Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and any SMTP email accounts as shown in the following picture.

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After connecting the email inbox, you can customize warm-up options according to your requirements.

Step 4: Analytics

Next, you have to wait for a few days to know the effectiveness of your email warm-up. The more time you wait, the better result you will get from the tool. If you have an old business or an old account, you will get the result within 14 days.

warmbase image 2 a498b013f693d63aae5a779d331f8768 800

Here, you can see sample analytics, how Warmbase is planning and executing your domain warm up process. You can see the number of Emails Sent, Replies and Interactions. Then Warmbase also shows you the Spam Rate of those emails.

Step 5: Result

You can customize the number of emails that you want to warm up. The tool will send up to 50 emails per day from a single account. Besides, you can include unlimited email accounts and team members from one warmbase account.

After observing the effectiveness of email warming up, you can increase your subscription duration. If you feel that your email has started bringing fruitful results, you can stop your subscription at any time.

Significance of Email Warm-Up Tools to Establish Reputation

Already we have discussed the ways of emails warming up. Now, we are going to share how significant email warming up is to establish your domain reputation. Before sharing the importance, you should know which service is reliable for email warming up.

The Warmbase is one of the best tools that provide real email warming up services. With this tool, you can increase the deliverability of your new emails. Thus, Warmbase is a trustworthy service provider to the email sender to send spam-free emails. To know the importance of using the Warmbase tool, follow the next part of this blog.

1. To Establish Authenticity

After opening a new email account, you can not establish the domain authenticity within a few days. The Warmbase sends emails to your account from the original domains and replies to them as a human being. Thus, within a short time, your email domain becomes an authentic source.

2. To Increase Sales Volume

When you are planning for cold email marketing, you should warm up your email domain. In contrast, your emails go to the spam folder, and recipients will not read your message. Besides, the email receivers will not be interested in your products or your offers. So, warm up your email domain before the cold email campaign to achieve success and increase the sales volume.

3. To Regain Reputation

Suppose you are a new email account holder and already send many emails to promote your business. As you did not warm up your email domain before sending emails, the recipients find your email in their junk box. In this situation, you can use warm-up tools to send emails to the inbox directly. After getting emails to the inbox, the recipients will start trusting your emails.

4. To Get High Profile Networking

As the Warmbase tools use authentic email accounts, you will get the opportunity to connect with reputed accounts. This is how your targeted recipients rely on your email information and reply to them.

5. To Create Your Job Easier

In manual email warming up, you have to send emails one by one. After that, you need to knock on the receivers to read your email and reply to the messages. But, email warm-up tools send emails and reply to emails automatically; and relieve you of doing the job manually.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a new email domain need to warm up?

When you are an old user of an email account, you need less time to warm up your email. If your domain is new, it takes around three months to warm up to send cold emails. Besides, a well-reputed warm-up tool can warm up your email domain within two weeks.

Remember, the more spending time on your email domain warm-up, the better result you will get. But, you have to make your email domain one to three months older to set up a suspicious free campaign.

How do I write a good quality cold email?

The recipients do not want to read an email that has no relevant topic or subject. So, write a subject line that can attract your targeted recipients. Besides, start with a strong opening line with meaningful and informative content.

Not only the content but also adding too many web links in the email may damage your reputation. Also, try to use fewer images with a minimum resolution in the email attachments. And finally, end up with a closing line and your professional signature to reach the recipients' inbox.

Is the Warmbase tool reliable for email warming up?

Without any hesitation, you can get the service from Warmbase. Thus, the service provider uses real emails to warm up your email account. Besides, this tool has multiple problem-solving options with a good algorithm.

The pricing package of the Warmbase is too flexible with 24/7 customer support. Furthermore, you can regain your email reputation by getting the service from Warmbase. And, they send up to 50 emails per day to warm up an old email domain within 14 days.

How many emails should I send per day?

To warm up your email manually, you should maintain an email sending schedule. For the first week, you can send 10 to 20 emails per day. Gradually you can increase the number of sending emails up to 100 per day.

So, you can send 80 to 100 emails in the first week, and for the fourth week, 500 to 600 will be a good choice. Remember, getting a reply is far more effective than sending a large number of emails every day.


To conclude, we must say that an email needs time to get ready for a successful campaign. After opening a new email account, use it carefully and do not send a bulk message in the initial stage. Try to send quality content besides using an email warm-up tool.

However, we hope that our information will help you learn how to warm up an email domain. Through this article, we have presented both ways of warming up email domains. So, make your email trustworthy and sign up to Warmbase to enhance your email reputation for a successful business.

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