How to Warm Up Gmail Account - Complete Guideline

Nurul Islam Anik
October 10, 2021

Is your email landing on your recipients spam folder instead of inbox? This may damage your email reputation and mark you as a spammer! No worries. Read on on learn how to warm up Gmail account.

A Gmail account can make your business success only if you follow the right method. Before you send out your marketing campaigns, it is better to warm them up. This will assure your emails land in your recipients inbox instead of dropping to spam folder. Thus, increasing your emails click rate, open rate, reply rate and sales rate.

Warming up your emails means to let Google know that you are an authentic user of the mailing service, and not a spammer. You are emailing to the recipient you know and not doing any suspicious act. Once Google is convinced, it will send your emails to the recipients inbox directly.

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How To Warm Up Gmail Account For A Cold Email Campaign?

Before you jump to any conclusion, it is better to understand the aspects in depth. there are two method by which you can warm up Gmail account for a cold email campaign. One is manual process and the other one is automatic. Learning them in in-depth will save you tons of time and bring success in email marketing soon.

A. How To Warm Up Gmail Account Manually

Manual Gmail warm up is to send emails manually to your listing contacts and ask them to reply back. It is just the way you use your regular emailing method. But for marketing purpose, you need to to gradually increase the amount of sending emails everyday. You can send 10-20 emails per day, increasing 50 emails per week.

Up to 500 emails can be sent from free Gmail account. But you also have to get reply from approximately all those sent emails. This will make you authentic to Google. Here are the steps you need to follow for warming up your Gmail account manually.

Step 1:

Create or login to your Gmail account, the one you want to use for email marketing.

Step 2:

Create the list of contacts and gradually send emails to the recipients. Make sure you write a proper email with appropriate subject line, no spamming contents, less links, less image or gif etc. You can check How to Avoid Spam Filters to understand the email patterns and avoid spam folder.

Step 3:

Once you start sending emails, keep an eye on the inbox folder to get the replies. And if you don’t get a reply, ask you contacts to reply you back. Send 10 to 20 emails per day. For the second week, send 20 to 40 emails per day. Gradually increase to 50 to 70 emails per day after completing the second week. And for the last week of the first month, you can send 80 to 100 emails per day.

Note: Manual email warm up might take 2-3 months or more. After that, you can go for marketing campaigns.


B. How To Warm Up Gmail Account Automatically

When you want to warm up your Gmail automatically, you have to use an email warm up tool (Warmbase). A warm up tool will do all the steps of the manual process automatically. All you need to do is, choose a warm up tool, connect your email address (the one you choose for marketing campaigns). And you are done.

Warmbase will send all the emails to validate emails and reply to the received once just like human. Thus warming up your email address in minimum 14 days. This will save you a lot of time and you can easily focus on building up the marketing strategy.

How To Connect A Gmail Account With Warmbase?

So far in this blog, we have mentioned that the Warmbase is an email warm-up tool. Now, we will show you how you can connect your Gmail account with Warmbase. Besides, you would like to know the features of this tool with pricing.

Multiple warm-up options in Warmbase will increase your email deliverability. You will get up to 50 emails per day only with 9 US dollars for a month. Additionally, you can customize the number of emails that you want to connect. And if you are not happy with the service, you can go for 7-day Money Back Guarantee.

Let’s know the steps of connecting a Gmail account with Warmbase.

Step 1:

Register an email account in A pop-up window with different email domain organization logos will appear.

Step 2:

Click on G Suite email account to connect your Gmail account.

Step 3:

Once you click G Suite, you will be shifted to next tab. Here you need to provide your name, email ID, app password. If you don’t know app password then click on ‘Don’t have google App password’ and get password. The 16 digit password will help you to connect the Warmbase tool to test the service. This process is applicable for connecting every email. Complete the process by clicking ‘Test Connection’

Step 4:

When you complete the connection, set the number of email you want to send daily. The tool will start sending and replying to emails automatically. The number of sending emails will increase gradually every day. You can check the email sending and reply status from your Warmbase account.

If you get stuck at any point, a 24/7 customer support is there to help you out. And if already have a damaged email reputation, then you should definitely get in touch with Warmbase. It will restore your damaged reputation making it a positive impression on your recipients. Moreover, you can add unlimited team members to your Warmbase account.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Email Warm Up?

Before getting to the point, how to warm up Gmail account it is essential you know what is email warming up. Email warming up is a procedure of establishing a new email account reputation. When you open a new email account, you do not have many connections in your contact list. After sending emails from a new email account may reach the spam box to damage your brand reputation.

To develop your email reputation, you can follow an automatic and manual warm-up procedure. Both of the processes are effective, but the manual is longer than the automatic. Besides, you need to spend at least three months establishing the initial reputation of your email account with both warm-up processes.

Also, email warm-up helps to increase the email sending limit per day gradually. For instance, Gmail premium users get the limit of sending 2000 emails per day. But, you can not start sending 2000 emails per day from the beginning of your new email account. To make your Gmail account eligible for sending maximum emails, you need to warm them up.

Why Is Gmail Warming Up Important?

A Gmail warming up is very important for the new account to reach maximum recipients. A warm-up email account increases the email reputation on behalf of an organization too. Thus, you have to warm up your new Gmail when you want to use your Gmail account for business purposes.

Not only to avoid spam boxes but also to send a bulk email, warming up is essential. You can not send thousands of emails in the initial stage of a new email account. To utilize the maximum opportunities, you should warm up your Gmail too.

Warming up a new Gmail address is important in order to:

  1. Send emails to your full limits depending on Google’s policy of sending 500 emails/day for Gmail accounts.
  2. Reduce the possibility of Google suspending your email account. Especially if you got a new Gmail account that has no sending history.
  3. To gain the best possible deliverability rate to prospects inbox.

How long should I warm-up an account?

The more time you take the better result you get. For manual process, you might need to warm up 30-60 days. This entirely depends n your working schedule. But with Warmbase, minimum 14 days would be enough to warm up your email.

How can I send more than 500 email per day?

If you want to send more than 500 emails per day, then you have to use the paid version of Gmail i.e., Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Google Workspace allows you to send 2,000 emails per day, 1,500 emails for multi-send and 500 emails for trial accounts. Read How to Warm Up G Suite Account - Step By Step Guide for more information.

Can Warmbase help me fix my damaged reputation?

Yes Warmbase can help you fix your damaged reputation. It can move your emails from receivers spam box to their inbox and save your reputation. The complete process will be done automatically to maintain your privacy.


Increasing email deliverability is the key to completing a successful cold email campaign. To get the highest success in a competitive market, you must warm up your new emails. Otherwise, the emails might land in the spam box of your targeted recipients and damage your email reputation.

In this blog, we have shared how to warm up Gmail account before sending emails. We expect that our article will coordinate with you to enhance your Gmail reputation among recipients. And, you will reach your desired business success through email campaigns. Sign Up to Warmbase now to experience the productive way of successful cold emailing.

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