How To Cold Email A Potential Client In 2022: Tips & Tricks

Nurul Islam Anik
January 22, 2022

Sending cold emails to potential clients is a game-changing strategy in sales outreach. But a meaningful message with relevant content is one of the most vital keys for cold email campaigns. That’s why you learn the techniques of how to cold email a potential client. Otherwise, your brand image may damage a long-term relationship between your business and clients.

Additionally, sending spam-free emails to clients is the salient key for sales growth. To send spam-free emails, you need to warm up your email domain. Also, you have to use an authentic email address to land the mailbox directly.

Here, we will show you all the secrets behind a successful cold email campaign. This blog will teach you how to cold email a potential client. Let's go through the article to know the tips and tricks regarding cold email campaigns.

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What Are Cold Emails?

In a word, a cold email is a business email to promote a business or a service. Thus, the sender of the emails aims to communicate with the receiver. That communication may generate benefits to both the sender and receiver too.

Accordingly, a cold email campaign is a strategy among outbound marketing. The essential part of this marketing strategy is the structure of the content. Without a quality content structure, you can not achieve desirable success from the campaign.

Moreover, you need to use an email address that can represent your brand reputation during cold email campaigns. Generally, paid email accounts become authentic to the receivers.

Instead of using a paid email account, you may be unable to reach the inboxes of the receivers. It happens when you are a new email account user. Or your email domain is unestablished. To establish your new email domain, you have to warm them up. In another part of this article, we will share with you the way of warming up emails.

LeadGenius discovered that by mentioning “I found you through [contact name]” was one of the most successful cold e-mail phrases. These type of e-mails have an open rate of 86.6%, followed by a reply rate of 26.1%.

How To Reach Potential Clients Through Cold Emails?

There are many ways to reach potential clients to promote your business offers. But email warming up is the most effective way to reach clients' inboxes. When you are using a new email account for a cold email campaign, you have to warm it up.

You have a long list of potential clients, but your promotional emails reach the spam box of the recipients. Do you think your cold emails will have an impact on your business? Definitely No! Then how can you become successful in the way of your cold email campaign?

The answer is simple: just warm up your email. But, email warming up and increasing email deliverability is not the end in reaching potential clients. If the content of the email is irrelevant, your campaign becomes useless.

So, including developing email deliverability, you have to make your email content meaningful. Then you can communicate with potential clients regarding your business. Thus, follow our article to discover the tips and tricks to reach potential clients with cold emails.

25% or more is a good open rate for your cold email outreach campaign and if you hit over 37%, you may consider your campaign very successful.

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How To Warm Up A Domain Before Cold Emailing?

There are two different ways to warm up an email address. Both processes are fruitful to warm up a new email domain or address. In the manual email warm-up, you do not need to pay money. But it is a lengthy process. Thus, business professionals like to find another way of email warming up.

Another warm-up is known as automatic email warm-up. In the automatic warm-up process, you need to get support from automatic tools. Tools like Warmbase are fruitful tools to develop email deliverability.

Moreover, these tools use the original email address to grow email deliverability. When you subscribe to any email warm-up tool, the tools start sending emails and reply to them automatically. But the tools maintain a schedule of sending emails to increase the sending volume gradually.

All the above tools take 2 to 3 months to prepare an email account for an email campaign. After spending these months, you can send an email to multiple users at a time. And the emails land directly in the inbox of the potential clients. Sign Up to Warmbase to have the best experience of warmed up email domain.

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Do’s And Don’ts To Reach Potential Clients

Millions of active email users in the world get thousands of emails in a day. Then which one should they read and why do they want to read? Can you think, how can your cold email bring success to your business?

If you do not have the answer, this article is perfect for you. From here, you can learn what you should not write and what you should write in a cold email. So this is high time to know how to cold email a potential client. Let’s find the proper guideline from the below part of this article.

A. Do’s To Cold Email A Potential Client

1. Write To The Point Subject Line

Most of the recipients of an email read the email subject line first. If they find something relevant in the subject line, they open them to read. But after finding irrelevant words in the subject line, they lose their attraction to go through the emails.

To write an appropriate subject line, you have to focus on the words that reflect your product or services. Including the words, you need to focus on the length of the subject. Remember, a lengthy subject line can not summarize in the inbox of the recipients.

47% of email recipients decide whether to open your email or not based on the subject line

2. Use Simple Words And Sentences

Simplicity is always a magical way of seeking attention from the audience. By using simple words and sentences, you can communicate with the recipients within less time. So write your emails with simple words that make the readers comfortable.

Additionally, using simple sentences in emails helps to communicate with different types of ages among recipients. Also, emails with simple sentences seek the attention of the recipients more than the complexes.

3. Keep The Message Short

Writing short messages with short paragraphs is more effective than lengthy paragraphs. So, you have to write a short para in the body of the message. Thus, all the readers do not have much time to read too many words to get a service.

Additionally, the digital market is competitive, and you have multiple competitors. If the recipients get a lengthy paragraph or a lengthy message in the mailbox, they will not get enough time to compare the services. So, make your message short and simple by avoiding complex words, sentences, and paragraphs.

4. Attach Images Or GIF Files

Attaching images regarding a service or a product in an email is one of the effective strategies among all. Thus, an image communicates with the recipients faster than words. But you have to send the images that reflect your services accurately. Otherwise, your brand reputation may damage or your cold email campaign becomes unsuccessful.

Sending GIF files is also another effective way for cold email campaigns. Also, by sending GIF files, you can tell a short story by costing only a few minutes.

In this way, the attachment of images or GIF files establishes professionalism. And, it helps to develop brand communication between buyers and sellers for any type of business product.

5. Develop Email Domain Deliverability

Sending bulk emails to your consumers, but they are not getting them in their mailbox. It looks like an unproductive cold email campaign. You must agree with us but what is the solution!

The simple solution to this problem is just increasing email deliverability. Or you will have to survive with your recipients with junk emails. Moreover, getting emails as advertisements in the inbox reduces the possibility of getting a positive response from the receivers.

6. Send Emails From The Authentic Email Address

Email address is a vital identification to reach potential clients. Thus, you should open a paid email account from a trusted domain service provider. Otherwise, your brand may lose its image to the audience.

Also, you can establish your unpaid email domain authenticity with an unpaid account. In establishing the authenticity of a free email address, you need to follow a few manual steps. Also, you can make your email domain authentic by using paid tools like Warmbase.

B. Don’ts To A Cold Email A Potential Client

1. Do Not Attach Too Many Hyperlinks

Attaching a self-business website address in a business email is a reflection of professionalism. But attaching too many hyperlinks in a single email can damage your brand reputation. So, we recommend you insert 2 - 3 hyperlinks for a cold email campaign.

You can insert a call to action button in your email body to increase audience engagement. Also, you can insert reference links in the body of the message. But, try to avoid too many links and unauthentic links in the campaigns.

2. Do Not Attach Too Large Files

An attachment like a photo, video, or GIF file in an email body is a boost-up way behind a successful cold email campaign. But you have to be careful about the size of the attachment files. Too many high-resolution images or videos take a long time to upload. And also, it may damage the email deliverability to the recipients.

So, you have to be conscious regarding attachment with file size. Keeping images under 1MB and videos under 10MB is good enough for email attachments. But, you should confirm the visual quality of the graphics, unless the recipients will be unable to see your content.

3. Do Not Send Emails Without A Proofreading

“To err is human” and people make mistakes in email writing. So, we suggest you proofread after completing a cold email draft. Try to revise twice after preparing an email draft or sending an email to the clients.

You can use different types of tools for free from online sectors. Besides, manual proofreading is the most effective way behind a successful cold email campaign. Here we will share a few common mistakes that happen during an email campaign.

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4. Do Not Send Emails Without a Signature Or Name

You have followed all the instructions regarding the subject line and email message. But, you do not insert your name, designation, contact number, and location. Do you think your cold email campaign will achieve success? No, your email campaign will not provide you the maximum success.

Thus, you must insert accurate information at the end of your message. So a customer can contact you to get their queries according to their needs. Besides, including a signature at the end of an email message delivers professionalism and pulls up a brand reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write Cold Emails For Potential Clients?

To write an effective cold email, you should use simple words and sentences. Also, you have to write a short message with an eye-catching subject line. Besides, you need to include your name, designation, contact number, and address at the end of the message.

Is Email Warm-Up Essential To Reach Potential Clients?

Quality content is not enough to reach the inbox of the clients. Because your email becomes useless when it reaches the spam box of the recipients. So, you should warm up your email address before a cold email campaign.

Are Cold Emails Effective For Business Success?

Cold emails are incredible for a successful business establishment. Also, a cold email campaign develops the business sales from remote areas. Additionally, cold emails develop new customers for a business and participate in a vital role in sales growth. A good quality cold email response rate is around 20 to 40 percent.

How To Send Bulk Emails From A Single Domain?

Sending a bulk of business email is simple, but you must have an authentic email address. The authentic email address is not enough. Also, you have to warm up your email address for sending bulk messages. However, you can use third-party paid or free tools to send bulk emails for your business.

Is Cold Emailing Better Than Cold Calling?

If you have a long contact list and less time, you should go with cold emailing. Otherwise, you can follow the cold calling campaign to seek potential customers. However, the essential issue between these two strategies is the volume of audiences you want to communicate.


The article is all about the tips and tricks regarding cold email outreach. Here we have presented the points that you must follow in your emails. And also, we have mentioned what we should not do in sending emails to the clients.

We expect; our blog to deliver enough elaboration on How to cold email a potential client completely. If you want to make a successful campaign, you can Sign Up to Warmbase. It’s offering you the opportunity to send 50 Emails Per Day with a 7 Days Money Back Guarantee. This tool will coordinate you to develop a successful cold email campaign among potential clients.

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