Best B2B Cold Email Templates

Nurul Islam Anik
January 12, 2022

Mostly average office worker gets approximately 120 emails per day. And, 59% of email recipients say they get sales emails that are irrelevant and unnecessary to them. So it is better to know your targeted audience and then work on cold email marketing. In this post we’ll disclose best B2B cold email templates that are efficient and will get you sales.

Here is a quick look on what we’ll cover-

Before starting let’s get to now more about cold email and the necessity of cold email marketing.

Average ROI on Cold Email Campaign for 2021– $38 for every $1 invested, or 3,800%.

What Is Cold Email?

Cold email is an initial e-mail sent to a prospect in order to gain a future benefit in terms of sales, opportunity, favor or any other dual-sided gain. In short, a cold email is an initial email you send to a targeted customer without any prior contact to get future benefits or get sales.

What most of the marketers don’t know is in order to get replies, a cold email has to be short yet powerful, and interesting. Which means each part of the short message need to have meaning and play a crucial communicative role. The easiest method is to follow AIDA technique.

  • A-Attention (Get your prospects attention)
  • I-Interest (Relate to their interests to hook them up)
  • D-Desire (Show how they will get benefit from your offer arousing desire)
  • A-Action (Finally ask them to click a link, reply back, or purchase the service. The end goal is to secure a response)


Hello [Prospect Name], (Attention)

I have a formula that can bring [company] its next 100 best leads. (Interesting)

I recently used this technique to help my former client [SaaS company/competitor] almost nearly triple their monthly run rate. (Desire)

[First name], let's catch up a quick 10-minute call so I can share the idea with you. Let me know when works best for you? (Action)


Necessity Of Cold Email Marketing

To know more about best b2b cold email templates, you better know the necessity of cold email marketing. According to Mailchimp average open rate for business-like cold emails 21.33%. And emails sent by hobbies entities got 27.74% open rate.

  • It's effective: Based on Woodpecker analysis of 20 million cold emails, the average cold email has an open rate of 53%.
  • Response rate: GMass says average response rate is around 1-5%. But the average response rate varies depending your approach to your prospect.
  • Fast result: Sending an appropriate and efficient cold email can bring you sales up to 85%. But this absolutely does not mean sending an efficient email to a different niche will be fortunate. You need to make sure your targeted audience is looking something relevant to your service and willing to pay you. Only then you’ll get success.
  • Scalability: You need to increase the number of b2b cold email marketing gradually. You can not jump to 150 emails first day and 500 emails second day. You need to act on a smooth basis and keep an eye for the reply rate.
  • Free of cost: Cold emailing is absolutely free of cost. Though some tools for cold emailing hold payments. Such tools as lead collection, email verification, email warmup etc are paid but help you get efficient clients in no time.

Cold Sales Email Writing Format

A best B2B sales cold email should be written in a proven format that already have brought sales. Something that would attract your receivers attention, make the person understand your point and rely over your decision. The format consist of four crucial points.

1. An exciting subject line.

Did you know, the open rate of email recipients is 47% and 69% of email recipients mark email as spam depending on subject line. And e-mails with personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened. So obviously your email subject line should be more appealing to the recipient to click it.

Make the subject line interesting and informative to trigger the recipient's interest in the body of the email. Better research more about your prospect to personalize it. This will catch your recipients eye over multiple emails.

2. Embed an alluring offer

Offer your prospect what they actually expect. Like- maximum revenue or double monthly run rate etc. Give them a reason to respond, and a simple call-to-action. Better add a number or digit to make it precise about the amount of benefit they will gain such as “10x”

3. Make it sound natural and personal

Any email that sounds sales marketing should land you into the spam box. An email with more personalized format might get you the deal as it sounds you are most interested to help them gain their benefit. Make it sound natural just as the way you talk to any formal friend.

4. Including social proof.

It is better to mention your past success with another client to make you sound more realistic and obtainable. Another thing you can include is statistical report of your prospects current position in the field and how it can be transform into a better.

Cold email time: Working days 7PM-9PM: 48% open rate & 8% response rate

Why Should You Use B2B Cold Email Templates

A best b2b cold email template is a skeleton that you need to flesh out. It works as a guide to help you get engaging clients. If you want to succeed with higher reply rate, it is better to follow best b2b cold email templates rather writing on assumption.

However, it does not mean you should send the templates directly. It means you get an idea how to approach and send follow up emails. Templates will give you idea how your first approach should be and what type of email should bring you more sales.

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Best B2B Cold Email Templates

Surprisingly, writing the perfect cold sales email is the combination of both art and science. Keeping a friendly tone but getting to the point can be tricky. You need to invite the prospect to the CTA naturally not forcefully.

Here are some best b2b cold email templates that will help you write high reply rate cold emails. You will be able to write attention-grabbing emails that prospects will click and follow.

Before-After-Bridge (BAB):

BAB is one great method to connect your audiences past-present-future to give your prospect a clear idea on their future evaluation with you. The morality is to give your prospect a clear idea of their current position, what will be the out come if they work with you and how you will take them to that position.

Subject: Get up to 100 leads each week!

Hi {{name}},

If you're like most marketing executives, you know how disappointing it is to invest high time but getting less revenue.

But our tool changes that by getting you 100s leads each week.

If you're willing to give me just ten minutes of your time, I'll be able to show you how you can gain the same with our platform.

Let me know your best time to connect next week to get a personalized demo?

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AIDA is the classic and most followed copywriting formula that easily fits cold email campaign. AIDA stands for attention-interest-desire-action. You need to grab your prospects attention, outline in such a why it should interest them, create desire in them, call them to take an action.

Subject: Get 100 leads a week!

Hi {{name}},

How would you get 100 leads every week instead of 10-20 leads?

Reason I'm asking because clients like yourself can get 100 leads just by adding our software to your tech stacks.

Experts like Mr.X, Mr.Y, and Mr.Z, who we're glad to count as our satisfied customers.

Would you have some free time to connect within next week to walk you through a personalized demo?

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Praise-Picture-Push (PPP):

A little bit of sincere flattery never hurts anyone’s feelings. Especially if you use it to make your recipients understand what would they accomplishing with your solution. Begin with a genuine compliment about their recent achievement or accomplishment, draw a rosy picture of all they could get on a regular basis by having your product, and then encourage and impel them to take an action.

Hi {{name}},

Congrats on your achievement! I just saw that you were nominated in Inbound Marketing conference next month.

As you're preparing for your presentation, it’s natural to fall behind on other tasks.

I'd love to show you how we can help you get 100 leads or more every week while you are busy with other stuffs.

Can I have just ten minutes of your time within next week to give you a quick personalized demo?

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Make it direct:

This email subject line specifies an attractive proposition, but leaves more to the imagination making the recipient want to open the email. The email straightly describes what the sender offers and what they seek from the prospect. It also uses social proof as an evidence of how this method has worked for others.

Subject: Get 100 leads {{prospect company}} propulsion in 10 minutes

Hello {{name}},

I have a great idea which will take 10 minutes of your time but get you 100 customers.

I recently helped our client {{SaaS company/competitor}} nearly double their monthly run rate.

{{name}}, let’s quickly schedule 10-minute call so I that can share the idea with you. What time works best for you?

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Sujan’s 3-Sentence Format:

This template delivers a short message but highly delivers an excellent reply rate. But this does not mean you have to cut your message down to only three sentences your intro, description, and your ask; but you should try and keep it as close to that number as possible.

Hi {{name}},

My name is {{your name}}, and I'll keep this short and quick.

I'm the CEO and founder of a software tool that brings 100 trusted leads every week.

Can I have ten minutes of your precious time next week for a personalized demo to make clear why entrepreneurs like Mr.X love our product?

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Connect to a recent event:

This method is a winner because it shows you’re specific interest in your prospects company. As you’ve noticed something ideal in your customer’s achievement, and have matched that to your product.

Subject: Congrats to You!

Hi {{name}},

Just got the news about your achievement {{event}}. Congrats!

Moreover, I think you might be interested to find out how we help you grow more by getting you 100 genuine leads each week! Sounds interesting?

Let’s set up a quick call.

Here's a link to my calendar to book your meeting schedule. Feel free to add yours if you wish.

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Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS):

This template reveals to highlight your prospect’s pain points. It showcases the problem your recipient is facing, agitates and emphasizes the pain, and finally offers a solution.

Hi {{name}},

It is tough to get get genuine leads that would bring sales as most people are freeloaders.

If you're constantly struggling to get proper leads that brings sales at high rate, then it is high time you consider our tool.

Our software helps you get 100 genuine lads per week so that you don't need to invest extra time with fake leads. It would be great to give you a personalized demo.

Let me know when are you free next week?

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Rock the Boat:

Most of the people follow daily same routines. It is a possibility that your prospect is happy doing things just they way they do always. That’s obviously not a bad thing, but it sometimes prevents us from exploring new and potentially ways of doing things. So it is a good thing if you do the job for them by suggesting a better tool to help them out with their works.

Hi {{name}},

I'm {{your name}} from {{company name}}.

We help busy marketing executives get genuine 100 leads every week that brings revenue swiftly.

I would love to show you what we’re working on and how you get the sweet beneficial fruit out of it.

Let me know if you available for a 10 min brief call next week?

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When someone’s been on your website:

The next template is when someone already visited your website and seems just a bit interested. You surely don’t know if they want to purchase or just looking for some information. So just send them convincing cold email to change their decision to purchasing the product.

Hi {{name}},

It looks like you recently visited {{website}}.

If you are interested in {{content topic}} then I can suggest some fabulous things such as:
- {{resource 1}}
- {{resource 2}}

We also offers {{product/service}} which would help you achieve {{a specific result or statistic}}.

How about a quick short call and I’ll explain how everything works smoothly?

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Share a Resource:

Another triggering method is to share valuable content with your prospect. If you share the resource your prospect is already looking for then it will make a strong relationship between you too. And your prospect will always look up to you and click every link you share.

Hi {{name}},

I dropped on your latest article on {{subject}} and it got me thinking.

And I found this great article on {{article title}} that might be beneficial to you and your team.

Here's the {{link}}.

Hope you find it helpful.

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Writing and crafting out the perfect email can be tricky, but with these tips and best b2b cold email templates, you are good to go. Remember to keep it simple, short and helpful. Before send any cod email, it is better to fit yourself in your prospects shoes and see if you would respond or not. This way you can measure what your prospect might thin and reply.

Once you’re done, you’ll know what to include in your sales email and how to send proper B2B cold emails. And with tools like Warmbase, you can easily warm up your email in the initial days so that once you start cold emailing, all of your emails land to your prospects inbox rather than spam box. Sign up now to try Warmbase right away!

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