Boosting ROI: Why Email Marketers Need Email Deliverability Consultants

January 23, 2024

Struggling with email deliverability? Need expert guidance to improve your inbox placement and open rates? Learn more about email deliverability consultants!

In the world of email marketing, making sure your messages reach your audience is a bit like making sure your letter gets to the right mailbox. And if it doesn't, all your efforts might be in vain.

That's where email deliverability consultants come in. They're like expert guides who help ensure your emails not only get where they're supposed to but also bring back great results.

Let's dive into why you need an email deliverability consultant and how you can get the most out of your email programs.

How To Find The Right Consultant?

Finding the right consultant depends on your needs. There are three paths to consider.

01. Email Deliverability Consultancies and Agencies

Companies like Email Industries, eDataSource, and GlockApps have a solid reputation for providing monitoring and consulting services. Consultancies offer packages, starting from $250/hour or $399 per month.

02. Freelance Email Deliverability Experts

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer connect you with qualified freelancers who can offer flexibility and personalized solutions. Freelancers may charge hourly rates, ranging from $25 to $500

03. Email Deliverability Specialists from Email Sending Services

Services like Warmbase, Mailgun, SendGrid, and Mailjet often have their experts to help you with email deliverability. These tools charge mostly every month. And prices start from $0.

Choose the right email deliverability consultant

Why Do You Need Email Deliverability Consultant?

An email deliverability audit is essential. It involves setting email goals, collecting information, running tests, interpreting results, and developing an improvement strategy. The collaboration should go beyond the audit to ensure continuous improvement.

However, there are things even the best consultant can't influence, such as making ISPs accept your mail or forcing third parties to see you as a reputable sender. Think of a consultant as a mechanic who can fix your car, but you still need to steer it.

How Does Email Deliverability Work?

Okay, let's break down how email deliverability works in simple terms!

When you send an email, it's like sending a letter through the Internet. The goal is to make sure your email reaches the recipient's inbox and doesn't get lost in the virtual world or end up in the spam folder.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sending the Email: You hit the "send" button, and your email travels through the internet to reach the recipient.
  2. Internet Journey: The email goes through various checkpoints on the internet. These checkpoints are like virtual post offices that decide whether your email is safe or not.
  3. Spam Filters: Just like how real mail might be checked for suspicious things, emails also face spam filters. These filters look for signs that an email might be unwanted or harmful.
  4. Reaching the Inbox: If your email passes all the checks and looks trustworthy, it lands in the recipient's inbox. That's the goal – to ensure your message gets where it's supposed to go!
  5. Avoiding the Spam Folder: If your email raises too many red flags, it might end up in the spam folder instead of the inbox. That's not ideal because people often don't check their spam folders regularly.
This is how email deliverability works

What Are Email Deliverability Issues?

Addressing specific email deliverability issues requires a comprehensive strategy. It includes monitoring, authentication, content optimization, and adherence to industry best practices. Some email deliverability issues might land your emails in recipients' spam traps or even bring bad news for you.

01. Spam Filters

Emails might get flagged as spam and end up in recipients' spam or junk folders. Filters are triggered by certain content, formatting, or sender behavior.

02. Blacklists

Inclusion of sender's IP or domain in email blacklists due to previous spam-like activities. Being on a blacklist can lead to widespread email deliverability issues.

03. Poor Sender Reputation

Email engagement, spam reports, and other factors determine a sender's reputation. Low sender reputation can result in emails being marked as spam or blocked.

04. Authentication Failures

Issues with SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), or DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) authentication. Failing to authenticate properly can lead to email deliverability problems.

05. Bounces And Unsubscribes

High bounce rates (undelivered emails) and frequent unsubscribes negatively impact the sender's reputation. Maintaining a clean and updated email list is crucial.

06. Low Engagement Rates

Emails not generating sufficient opens, clicks, or other positive interactions. Low engagement signals to email providers that recipients are disinterested.

07. Incorrect Email Configuration

Misconfigurations in SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and authentication protocols. Incorrect setups can cause emails to be misrouted or marked as suspicious.

08. Phishing Concerns

Emails are perceived as phishing attempts due to certain content or sender behavior. Phishing concerns can lead to ISPs blocking or filtering out emails.

09. Inconsistent Sending Practices

Rapid changes in email sending volumes or patterns. Abrupt changes can trigger spam filters and affect deliverability.

10. IP Warming Issues

When starting to use a new IP address, gradually increasing email sending volume is crucial. Failure to warm up the IP properly can result in deliverability challenges.

11. Content Issues

Using overly promotional or suspicious language in emails. Content that resembles common spam practices can trigger filters.

12. Failure To Monitor And Adapt

Not regularly monitoring email deliverability metrics. Failing to adapt strategies based on changes in the email landscape or ISP policies.

13. Lack Of Email List Hygiene

Regularly cleaning and updating email lists is also very important. Inactive or incorrect email addresses can contribute to deliverability issues.

14. ISP-Specific Rules And Policies

Different ISPs may have unique rules and policies for email deliverability. Failure to adhere to these specific requirements can impact delivery rates.

15. Non-Compliance With Regulations

Not adhering to email marketing regulations such as the CAN-SPAM Act or GDPR. Non-compliance can lead to legal issues and affect the sender's reputation.

Email Deliverability Issues

Which Companies Ensure Email Deliverability?

Sending an email is not enough. You need to make sure your recipient is also receiving it. That’s where companies like Warmbase and SendGrid come in. These companies ensure your email is sent to the right recipient and you receive a reply from them too.


Warmbase - email deliverability consultant

Warmbase is a prominent player in the field of email deliverability. It is an email warm-up tool that helps your emails get warmed up before you start sending your emails. What email warm-up does is, it convinces filter your email is safe are secure to use. Once your email is warmed up, your emails are ready to land in your audience's inbox.

Pros of Warmbase:

  1. Supports various email services, including Gmail/GSuite, Outlook, Zoho, Yahoo, SendGrid, Amazon SES, and all email providers, allowing flexibility for different email accounts.
  2. Warms up an account within 14 days.
  3. The system offers an automated process to gradually increase your email reputation and sending limit. This can save time and effort compared to manual warm-up methods.
  4. Improves email deliverability by preventing marketing emails from landing in recipients' promotions or spam folders.
  5. Retrieves emails from spam folder saving your email reputation.

Cons of Warmbase:

No specific cons have been found yet.

Price: Warmbase pricing starts at $9 per email per month (50 warmup emails/day). Get more details from here.

Warmbase pricing
Warmbase Pricing


mailgun-email deliverability consultant

Our next choice for email deliverability consultant is Mailgun. Mailgun is an email automation service designed for developers. It provides a cloud-based solution for sending, receiving, and tracking emails on your websites and applications. With smart inbound routing and storage, Mailgun ensures you always know where your emails end up. While Mailgun is feature-packed and excels in many aspects, the pricing model can become less cost-effective for high-volume users. And it still requires some programming background in fast troubleshooting.

Pros of Mailgun:

  1. Provides a flexible, scalable, and results-driven email-sending platform.
    The platform allows for easy sending, tracking, and optimization of emails.
  2. Users can pick and choose solutions that best fit their needs, with the flexibility to adapt tools based on changing strategies and goals.
  3. Ensures assurance in sending emails, integrating seamlessly, and scaling effortlessly.
  4. Combines applications and expertise for comprehensive email deliverability.
  5. Offers the fastest email validation service on the market.

Cons of Mailgun:

  1. The extensive features and options mentioned might be overwhelming for users seeking a simple email solution.
  2. The reliance on cached send data for email validation may pose challenges if the data becomes outdated or inaccurate.
  3. Moving to a new email service provider is described as a significant investment, suggesting potential challenges in transitioning from existing systems.
  4. While there are data-driven results, the absence of a variety of user testimonials might leave some potential users seeking more diverse feedback.

Price: Mailgun offers three plans. Foundation at $35/month 50,000 emails/month, Scale plan at $90/month 100,000 emails/month, and Enterprise is a custom plan. The price will vary depending on how many emails you want to send monthly. Get any paid plan from here.

pricing mailgun 1b6053822395da0e412a2d157d4b1fbb 800
Mailgun pricing


sendgrid 4f9d785dcbc702d2ccf2425d247705a2 800

SendGrid is a trusted email delivery platform that empowers businesses to engage with their audiences through effective email communication. With a focus on scalability, analytics, and ease of use, it helps businesses optimize their email deliverability. However, the cost is high compared to other platforms, and adding links is challenging due to SendGrid's lacking user-friendly features. Establishing domain reputation and email reputation on the tool is tough and time-consuming. And two-factor authentication for login using SMS is too slow.

Pros of SendGrid:

  1. Ensures emails reach the inbox consistently.
  2. Integration in minutes with the email API designed by developers for developers.
  3. Intuitive and versatile email marketing tools for building meaningful connections.
  4. Options for creating emails with HTML code, a drag-and-drop editor, or a combination of both.
  5. Time-saving automation features.
  6. Increase delivery rates with the Email Validation API.

Cons of SendGrid:

  1. Pricing is complex and higher than other platforms.
  2. Sudden jumps in pricing. The step from 200k to 250k emails a month takes you from $89.95/month to $249/month which is a sudden 3x cost increase.
  3. No consistency in the percentages of emails opened or clicked.
  4. Customer support is not quite impressive.

Price: The price starts from $0 up to $900. It is up to you which plan you want to choose. Get the Pro plans from here.

pricing and plans twilio sendgrid 64e30e4f803415f66ac09a1a1c2c801f 800
SendGrid pricing


mailjet 53def8351e0964b6976cce1da2c90ac8 800

Our next email deliverability consultant is Mailjet. Mailjet is a powerful email service provider for creating, sending, and tracking marketing and transactional emails. With a flexible infrastructure, Mailjet ensures efficient communication even during peak periods. However, using Mailjet is challenging due to its complexity, resulting in multiple newsletters sent to the same contacts. Moreover, Email automation is only available to premium users.

Pros of Mailjet:

  1. The platform provides an easy-to-use email editor suitable for both beginners and advanced users, facilitating the creation of beautiful and responsive emails.
  2. Collaboration tools streamline email marketing campaign creation and execution, allowing teams to work together efficiently.
  3. The service offers a template library with professionally designed email templates, and users can create custom templates to maintain brand standards.
  4. Provides features for personalized and targeted communication, including dynamic sections, segmentation, automation, and A/B testing.
  5. Integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, enabling users to connect with their existing tech stack effortlessly.

Cons of Mailjet:

  1. Some users may experience a learning curve, especially when exploring advanced features.
  2. Sometimes the login takes time and emails go slower.
  3. It is complex for beginners.
  4. Managing the contact list seems difficult.
  5. Difficult to create complex email campaigns.
  6. Reverting to a free plan is very complex.

Price: Free plan starts at $0/month (6,000 emails/month 200 emails per day), the Essential plan starts at $15/month (15,000 emails/month included), and the Premium plan starts at $25/month (15,000 emails/month included). They also offer a custom plan. Get the Pro plan from here.

pricing mailjet 802fc454ce7754ae2b2d9cc1eed6bd93 800
Mailjet Pricing

Why Warmbase Is The Best Choice For Email Deliverability Consultants?

Warmbase stands out as the best choice because of its proven track record in improving email success. With a focus on warming up your email reputation, they ensure better inbox placement and higher open rates, providing expert guidance for effective email campaigns.

  • Proven Track Record: Warmbase has a solid history of enhancing email deliverability for clients.
  • Expertise in Reputation Warming: Specialized in warming up email reputations, ensuring better inbox placement.
  • Optimized Open Rates: The consultants at Warmbase work towards maximizing open rates for your email campaigns.
  • Focused Guidance: They provide expert guidance tailored to create effective and successful email campaigns.
  • Client Success: Numerous clients have experienced improved email performance through Warmbase's services.

Increase Your Email Deliverability Now!

Email deliverability consultants play a crucial role in ensuring your emails reach customers. While their services may come at a cost, it's an investment in the long-term health of your business, potentially paying off in increased customer reach. Warmbase can be a valuable ally in this journey, ensuring your emails navigate the complex landscape of the internet successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Test Email Deliverability?

To assess email deliverability, conduct thorough testing using specialized tools and services. Send test emails to different email providers, monitor delivery rates, and check for issues such as spam placement. Utilize email testing platforms to analyze factors like content, sender authentication, and engagement metrics to ensure optimal deliverability.

How To Check Email Deliverability?

Check email deliverability by employing various methods. Use email deliverability tools to run tests, monitor sender reputation, and inspect authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Regularly check for blacklisting and ensure compliance with email marketing regulations. Analyze metrics such as open rates and click-through rates to gauge overall email performance.

What Does An Email Deliverability Specialist Do?

An Email Deliverability Specialist is a professional dedicated to optimizing the successful delivery of emails to recipients' inboxes. Their role involves monitoring and enhancing sender reputation, implementing authentication protocols, conducting audits of email-sending practices, managing blacklists, and providing strategic planning for long-term deliverability success. They address various factors affecting deliverability to ensure emails reach their intended audience effectively.

How Do You Fix Email Deliverability?

To fix email deliverability issues, start by assessing and improving sender's reputation. Implement authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), regularly monitor blacklists, and address content-related concerns. Optimize email lists by removing inactive or invalid addresses. Engage in proper IP warming for new sending addresses and maintain consistent, high-quality email practices. Collaborate with an email deliverability specialist for strategic guidance.

What Is An Email Deliverability Rate?

An Email Deliverability Rate shows how successful your emails are at reaching people's inboxes. It's the percentage of emails that make it to the intended recipients without being marked as spam or bouncing back. A high deliverability rate, ideally above 95%, means most of your emails are reaching the right place and not getting lost or ignored. Monitoring and maintaining a good deliverability rate is crucial for effective email communication.

What Is A Good Email Deliverability Rate?

A good email deliverability rate typically exceeds 95%. It signifies that a high percentage of sent emails successfully reach recipients' inboxes without being marked as spam or bouncing. However, optimal rates may vary, and it's essential to monitor metrics regularly. Factors influencing deliverability rates include sender reputation, authentication, and adherence to industry best practices. Aim for continuous improvement to ensure effective email communication.

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