50 Emails/Day
Multiple Warm-Up Options
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The #1 Lemwarm alternative

Why spend $29 per month for Lemwarm if you get the same result at $9 per month?

Connect and warm-up any email service

Why Warmbase is Lemwarm alternative

Warmbase is more flexible and has a smooth dashboard, and has some better features than Lemwarm. Here is the reason to choose Warmbase over Lemwarm.
Starting Price
Emails Per Month
Control Baseline Sends
Complex Reporting
Multiple Warm Up Options
Spam Checker
Auto Remove From Spam
Slow Ramp Up Sending
Custom SMTP Support
Custom IMAP Support
Chat Support

Warmbase is the perfect Lemwarm alternative tool but with more advantageous features at a considerably lower cost.

Connect Your Inbox
Please read before you ask

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Warmbase?
Warmbase is an email warm up tool that helps your emails to get warmed up before you reach out to your prospects. Once your email is warmed up and marked as secure you are ready to land your audience's inbox instead of their spam box.
How long should I warm-up an account?
The more time you take the better result you get. But if you have a go to running business then minimum (14 days) would also win your deals.

Why do you need an email warmup tool?
- Emails directly land to inbox instead of spam or junk folder Automatic.

- Warm-Up saves your time, energy and efforts.  Increase your email deliverability & reputation Get more sales
Can you help me fix my damaged reputation?
Yes we can. We can move your emails from receivers spam box to inbox and save your reputation. And we do that process automatically to maintain your privacy.
Increase email deliverability with Warmbase and never land in your prospect's spam box again. 
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